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Cocktail Umbrellas

Cocktail Parasols - Paper Drink Umbrellas

Anybody who has requested a thirst quenching cocktail before at a bar or at a party would have found a tiny, unique tiny paper garnish known as a cocktail parasol. Cocktail parasols, also known as cocktail umbrellas are incredible; they are not only a work of art, but they make the drink stand out and unique. They come in all sorts of themes and colors so fitting in at any themed bar or party wouldn’t be a problem. Drink umbrellas can be constructed from a range of materials including, but not limited to, paper, bamboo and wood.

Did you know that small umbrellas like cocktail parasols were made by the Polynesians as emblematic items to the gods? Did you know that using paper parasols to cover alcoholic drinks could have begun as native Polynesians welcomed the business of foreign captains and their crews? Now, you can treat your guests like the Gods and provide their cocktails with a unique drink parasol.

Why these cocktail parasols

When running a bar or a hosting a party, it’s almost important to cut costs. There’s no need to worry about decorating your drinks as party drink parasols are small and low cost. CocktailParasols.com gives you the opportunity to purchase cocktail umbrellas at big discounts. It is not limited to one color, they come in all sorts of colors, from reds, to greens, to blues, to pinks. You are able to have a combination and match of colors for your paper cocktail umbrellas, and since they are inexpensive, you can purchase drink parasols and pick the wanted colors, styles and designs to fit your theme. They are easy to dispose of and because they are made from paper and wood, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable.
Cocktail Parasols for Pinacolada Cocktail Parasols for Jamaican Sunset Cocktail Cocktail Parasols for Pineapple Vodka

Cocktail parasols are by no means used purely for decorative purposes. Did you know that they also hold a practical use? When drinks are provided outdoors, the ice topping will no doubt melt rapidly. By using cocktail umbrellas, you are able to solve this issue as it shades the drink from the hot rays of the sun. Some cocktails like rum are extremely volatile; drink parasols simply prevent the drink from evaporating.

What's So Special About Cocktail Parasols

paper cocktail parasols

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CocktailParasols.com makes it simple to purchase. In order to order, simply fill the order form and process the order using your credit card or through your PayPal account. It’s important to note that the information you provide is secure (Secure Sockets Layer) and will not be disclosed or sold to any third party. Out secure server encrypts all personal information, including your name, address and credit card information so that it cannot be read by a third party when transmitted over the internet. 

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